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Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Blocks Light:
Easy To Clean:


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Defaultgroup$200  $110

  • Woodline Natural 351

  • Woodline White

  • Woodline Pearl

  • Woodline Oak

  • Woodline Pecan
Collection:Collection Price:
Fauxwood Look Alike$200  $110

  • Kapali Parchment

  • Fremont Pleasant Wood

  • Kapali Soft Linen

  • Fremont Elm

  • Fremont Oak

  • Kapali Amber Gold

  • Fremont Butternut

  • Fremont Cedar

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 A reason why Wood look  blinds are Better than real wood blinch are that they   dont  fade and warp over time as much . Our faux wood vertical blinds will give lasting beauty to any room. Subtle grains can be matched to furniture and floors, or create a contrast with an opposing color.